Cheese Making Kit Mozarella & Ricotta

Each kit makes 10 batches!
This simple kit contains everything you need to make your own fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta in under an hour! Just add milk and you are on your way…

  • Product Description

    You’ll be surprised at how quickly you could be sitting down to eat your own freshly made, yummy cheese from your Mozzarella and Ricotta Kit! You’ll have so much fun stretching your Mozzarella and it’s so straight forward and easy to do! You can add your own herbs and spices to the cheeses too so the possibilities are endless.

    The kit contains enough ingredients to make 10 batches. Each batch is around 900g…that’s a lot of cheese!

  • Allergy Information

    100% vegetarian

    Gluten free

  • Ingredients

    This kit contains:

    • Step by step instructions and guide
    • Citric Acid
    • Organic Sea Salt
    • Vegetarian Rennet
    • Butter Muslin
    • Dairy Thermometer


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