18 Month Aged Comte

Aged 18 months with a seriously nutty and earthy flavour, stemming from the rich mountain pastures of the Franche-Comte region.


  • Unpasturised
  • Hard
  • Cow's Milk
£6.80 Per 200g
  • Product Description

    Comte, named after the region it is produced, Franche-Comte, has been produced in small cooperative dairies for many generations. Each Comte produced is inspected and awarded a score out of 20 and those scoring 15 or more are given a green label to signify Comte extra, we only offer Comte extra. Due to the highly diverse pastures of the mountain land on which the cows graze, Comte can change remarkable in different wheels, however we always find a unique intense nutty depth. Sometimes classics are so for a reason. Ours is aged 18 months to deepen the flavour and allow some crystals to develop.

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Raymond Blanc’s favourite cheese, we trust our Ray.