Fleur du Maquis

Coating the melt-in-the-mouth, nutty interior is a herbalicious crust.


  • Pasturised
  • Ewe's Milk
£10.50 Each. (aprx. 350g)
  • Product Description

    This fresh cheese has a smooth consistency that is tender and supple, with a distinctly savoury flavour. Fleur de Maquis meaning “flower of the Maquis” is a Corsican cheese that uses local ewes milk, made distinct by its rind. The rind consists of rosemary, juniper berrys and fennel seeds, which infuse into the cheese giving it a distinct aromatic, herby flavour.

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Fleur du Maquis pairs better with savory flavors than with sweet things like fruit. Try it with olives, tomatoes, and fresh peppers.